Beowulf's Integrity

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Beowulf unfailingly arose at the first peak of day fire, dawn, everyday since he had taken his position as the principal protector of PCs at the prime bank, The Bank of America. He would then take a cup of coffee, and set out to walk in the concrete jungle of New York City to his workplace. While entering the facility, he would wear his badge with mind’s worth. However, today Beowulf would not be following his conventional routine. There was an uncut thread, placed by the gods waiting for him. As he talked to the foremost bean counter, he received an alert from a colleague. Someone had hacked into the company’s database. This would soon become Beowulf's greatest accomplishment; his daily duties usually just included fixing some broken computers, or preparing system updates for the bank tellers. But now, the information of millions of mindful mortals were in danger. Beowulf ran to his lair, and to his battle metal, the computer, to analyze the situation. He saw the amateur work the criminal had attempted. The villainous man was set to steal money from many people. He had even set up multiple battle walls to withhold anyone from defeating him. However, Beowulf was no average man, he had spent years in institutions learning the crafts of technology. He had prepared for moments…show more content…
Grendel simply replied with “LOL,” a slang term for laughter which made Beowulf gasp in horror. After five minutes of the virtual storm of spheres, Beowulf was able to locate the lawbreaking lunatic, and send that information to the police. The people cheered, but the war was not yet over. Beowulf worked around the database like a genius and kicked out Grendel from the server while retaining the people’s money. He then coded for more security in the company’s network so Grendel was unable to access it
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