Beowulf's Journey

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This part of the text marks the end of an important journey for Beowulf and his Geat troops as well as for Hrothgar and his Danes. Beowulf begins this part with a speech addressing Hrothgar and the Danes about how wonderful they treated him and his men and how he and the other Geats wanted to return home to Hygelac. Beowulf offers arms of assistance in the future if Hrothgar and his troops ever need it. Hrothgar responds by complementing Beowulf. He compares Beowulf to the Lord, making comments on his strong body, maturity of his mind, and the impressiveness of his speech. Hrothgar goes one step further by saying that if the Geat king, Hrethel, somehow passes, that Beowulf would be very well suited to undertake the lordship. He concludes that
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