Beowulf's Rule of Three

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Beowulf 's Rule of Three

In illiterate societies three was a number that represented importance. This is primarily because one occurrence of an event isn 't relevant for it cannot be compared to another event. A second occurrence has much of the same meaning: the incident is solely a coincidence that it is parallel to the first incident. The third incidence of an episode distinguished to the people that it was relevant. The repetition of three analogous scenarios allowed the people of this time and place to connect more deeply with a story.

In the great tale of Beowulf, the same rule applied to many of the important themes. The greatest and most prominent occurrence of this 'rule of three ' takes place in the three battles in which
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This equation, compounded with the great monster 's desire to avenge her son 's death, made for an interestingly even fight. Adding to the advantages of Grendel 's mother was the fact that she too was invulnerable to any sword of human creation. The immunity of Grendel 's mother again depicts the failure of Beowulf 's weapons. The sword that was used to defeat the monster, however, was forged by the giants. Following his return, Beowulf is again rewarded handsomely by the leader of the Danes in gratitude for his courageous dealings with the demon.

Years pass by, during which Beowulf becomes king of Geatland, before his third and final battle ensues. In this circumstance, it is a dragon that had to be defeated for his own peoples ' safety to be ensured in later years. Beowulf chose a special few from his court to assist him in the extermination of the dragon, though he did not expect to need their assistance. As Beowulf and his party approached the dragon 's lair, he bellowed an enormous roar to awaken the great ravager. The dragon, overcome with anger, swooped down upon and assaulted Beowulf. Beowulf fought with sword and shield in hand, the dragon with the flames spurting from his mouth. The longer the battle went on, the more apparent it seemed this would be Beowulf 's last moments upon the earth, the dragon seemed to be too much for that great man.

After seeing his lord

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