Berea College Case Study

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Berea College’s first attempt at a campus-wide bike share program called Berea Cycles ultimately failed, while its planned replacement Berea Bike Share, has been redesigned to be successful. The design of Berea Cycles failed because the lack of security and poor regulation of loaned bicycles provided opportunity for criminal behavior, while the Berea Bike Share Program is expected to succeed because of its implementation of crime deterring factors. Through the use of opportunity theory and general deterrence, the updated Berea Bike Share program attempts to correct the mistakes and oversights that occurred with the original program.

According to the factual background provided, the Berea Cycles program was structurally flawed in multiple
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Berea Bike Share attempts to correct this using general deterrence in the form of a monetary fine for overdue bikes. This type of regulation influences people who have not yet experienced punishment themselves to be deterred by the fear that they could get the same punishment received by others. (Barlow and Kauzlarich pg. 21) In this case, the implementation of a fine charged to a student’s account for late return would persuade students to be aware of the rules and ultimately result in fewer bikes being lost or damaged. Bike lending stations in this updated program are located in high traffic areas in front of major residence halls and classroom buildings. Security surrounding the bike lending stations would also be updated with CCTV cameras to record activity around the bicycles, and large overhead lights would be installed to increase visibility and awareness. Bicycles are also locked into place when returned to a lending station, potentially making them much harder to steal. Another form of deterrence could be the devaluing of these specific bikes to thieves. Assuming the bikes in the original Berea Cycles program were average models, the parts would be easy to sell because they are universally used. If Berea Bike Share follows suit of most major bike share programs, the bicycles used would be designed with unique parts to deter thieves, as parts specific to those bikes are not easily sold.
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