Berlin Blockade Research Paper

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A pivotal and iconic part of the beginning of the Cold War was the blockade of Berlin in 1948. Why and how did it begin?

The geopolitical strategy of the United State at the time of the blockage was about preventing control over Eurasia by any single power. Strategic bombing fundamentally couldn't provide that guarantee because in a war, there wouldn't be enough bombs and there wouldn't be time to use them before Eurasia was overrun and then once the USSR obtained an atomic bomb, the advantage of the U.S. rapidly dissipated throughout the 1950s. The key players in the U.S. militarization of Berlin were a crowd of Republican Senators, very insular and hostile towards Europe and prizing individual liberty. A lot of them were the isolationists
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World War Two proved both that whole countries could fall in a matter of weeks, and that enough land and manpower was the best kind of security. Stalin also militarized the region seeking post war security through buffer states. Stalin's motivations for the blockade are not entirely clear, however, his belief in the effectiveness of nuclear weapons was not as encompassing as other Soviet leaders. During this time nuclear strategy and technology was still at an infantile stage and the classic image of an aggressive nuclear USSR was not true. While after the dropping of bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki accelerated Soviet research into nuclear arms, Stalin did not put much weight into nuclear arms. In 1948, while the U.S. had a monopoly of nuclear weapons, they could not completely dismember the Soviet war machine with their stockpile. This fact encouraged Stalin, who was influenced greatly by his experiences in the Russian Civil War and the World War II. From these experiences, Stalin derived Soviet military doctrine from large scale conventional forces and strategies that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany, the largest military threat the world had recently seen. In short, both the United States and the USSR placed high strategic value on the physical lands of Eurasia ensure physical military presence in Berlin and an inevitable
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