Berlin Blockade and Airlift Causes and Consequences

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The Berlin Blockade and Airlift began on the 23rd of June 1948 and ended on the 12th of May 1949. It was the first major conflict to occur during the Cold War between USA and the USSR. During this conflict Western Berlin who was under the control of the Western Allies was blocked off from the West Germany by the USSR. USA decided to airlift goods between West Berlin and West Germany. The causes of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift we the Yalta Conference, the American policy of containment and the growing mistrust and tension between the USA and the USSR. The consequences of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift were the major disruption to the everyday life of the people living in West Berlin, NATO and Warsaw Pact created and the further decline…show more content…
A short term consequence of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift was the major disruption to everyday life of the people living in West Berlin , causing stress and trauma. Stalins goal was to force the Western Allies out of West Berlin by reducing the population to starvation. This caused a lot of stress among the people of West Berlin. Berlin only had enough food and fuel to last six weeks but Berlins 2.1 million at least 4,000 tonnes to survive per day. USA’s first fligh was on the 26th of June 1948 bought 80 tonnes of milk, flour and medicine. By September a load of supplies landed in West Berlin every three minutes, day and night. The Berliners became desperate. By October people were aloud small amounts of fat, spam, potatoes and bread. By Spring 1949, 8,000 tonnes of supplies were flown in each day. In all 2 million tonnes of supplies were flown in. The Soviet Union tried to stop the airlift. The people of West Berlin had to adjust to rationing their foods rather than it always being available. The blockade also effected the economy and employment, as people were either not able to get to their place of work, or they were unable to get a hold of supplies. Families were also separated by the blockade which would have added to the stress and trauma. The disruption to everyday life for the people of West Berlin can be seen as an immediate consequence of the Berlin Blockade
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