Berlin Conference of 1884: Scramble and Partition of Africa

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Scramble and partition of Africa The expansion that was fueled by capitalist industrialism as well as nationalism subjugated land to be under European control, in nineteenth century. British Empire alone during this period was made up of more than a quarter of the world's land mass and people. Europe in addition to its colonial possessions by 1914 occupied over 80 percent of the globe. This conquest of Africa somehow revealed a good example to what is termed as "new imperialism." The confusion and conflict over the control of Africa that was realized as a major issue pitting the colonialists against each other triggered holding of Berlin Conference. Otto von Bismark who was a German Chancellor at the request of Portugal called together the major western powers of the world in 1884 with the aim of negotiating questions so that they could make a stop to the confusion that was going on over the control of Africa, (HYPERLINK ""Matt Rosenberg, 2013). The appreciation of Bismark revolved around the opportunity of expansion to the Germany's sphere of influence of Africa as well as desire to force rivals of Germany to struggle against each other for territory. During the conference time, most of Africa was under native traditional and local control. When the conference was opened on November 15, 1884 by Otto von Bismarck, who was the imperial chancellor and architect of the German Empire, fourteen countries were
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