Berlin Wall

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Once the proud capital of Germany Berlin was divided by a barrier that was patrolled day and night by armed soldiers and guard dogs. On August 13, 1961 shortly after midnight police and soldiers in the Communist controlled Berlin moved quickly to set up barriers. Berliners woke to find their city divided into east and west sectors. A communist nation led by the Soviet Union was in control of East Berlin. While West Berlin was controlled by a democratic nation led by the United States (Epler, 1992). The Berlin Wall known as Berliner Mauer in German (Rosenberg, 2016). It was a symbol of the Cold War. Trying to cross the Wall meant risking one’s life. One side of the Wall people were free to do all the normal things. While the other…show more content…
All agreed that Berlin would one day be reunited.
The Allies were allowed to take steps to control their zones. The Soviet Union suffered enormous devastation during World War II so they felt justified in seizing anything they wanted. They started shipping entire factories, motor vehicles, railroad cars, even the rails the railroad cars operated on back to the Soviet Union. East Berlin was being stripped.
In May 1946 General Lucius D. Clay, the American commandant, ordered an end to the dismantlement of industries in the American zone. The British and French followed suit efforts in the western zone were then focused on helping the German economy to recover.
Germans in the Soviet zone were finding their lives being rearranged by others. The Soviets had taken control of their industries and were starting to take control of their estates and farms. The Soviets also began to rearrange the thinking of the East Germans telling them they were not Hitler’s followers but his victims (Epler, 1992).
The German Socialist Unity Party was formed in 1946, modeled after the Soviet Communist Party. East Germans who joined started going to weekly meetings, for many years they had been told that the Germans were the rightful leaders of the world. Now they were being told that the international communism led by the Soviet Union would take its rightful place.
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