`` Bermuda Triangle `` And Devil 's Sea

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1. Topic proposal The topic, which I foresee to write in this research paper, is “Bermuda Triangle” or Devil’s sea; the reason to select this topic is my personal interest into the mystery behind this suspicious place. In order to write for this research paper I would collect information from different sources including books written, National Geographic videos and interviews with saviors and major accidents in the history. The major problem I see to complete this research is authenticity of the information, different religious and scientific point of views and myths about the place. 2. Sources list Berlitz, Charles, and Joseph Manson Valentine. The Bermuda Triangle. Panther, 1975. Dolan, John W., and LCGC North America. "The Bermuda Triangle." (2005): 370-+. Cazeau, Charles J., and Stuart D. Scott Jr. "The Bermuda Triangle." Exploring the Unknown. Springer US, 1979. 171-186. Somford, Matthijs Paul, Daniël Hoornenborg, and Jan-Joost Wiegerinck. "Kager 's “Bermuda” Triangle." The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 53.4 (2014): 503-504. Kusche, Larry. The Bermuda triangle mystery-solved. London: New English Library, 1975. Wolf, Marina E. "The Bermuda Triangle of cocaine-induced neuroadaptations." Trends in neurosciences 33.9 (2010): 391-398. Fiadeiro, M. E., and George Veronis. "Circulation and heat flux in the Bermuda Triangle." Journal of physical oceanography 13.7 (1983): 1158-1169. Shevell, Michael I. "The “Bermuda triangle” of neonatal neurology: cerebral palsy,

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