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The Bermuda Triangle is an unsolved mystery that leaves many people oblivious as to how it has taken away the lives of countless amounts of humans. The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devils Triangle. It is an area located on the north western Atlantic, in the country of International waters, The Bahamas. The Bermuda Triangle is an extremely dangerous area for one to enter. Aircrafts and surface vessels are believed to have vanished in weird ways which are considered human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Important things in society have shown some of these disappearances could have been the laws of physics, paranormal, or actions performed by aliens. The Bermuda Triangle is at a status of an…show more content…
Many theories exist about the origin of the Bermuda Triangle and why it allegedly causes the damage it does. Theories stretch to anything from extraterrestrial life forces causing the deaths, to a black hole-like object causing the Triangle's passers by to be taken to a different time and location. Once again, these theories raise skepticism from critics. There are also the people who really believe in some of these theories, but there isn't much evidence to back it up. Since technology is getting better and we are finding out more about nature and the way things work, we are bound to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. For years there has been an unsolved mystery of disappearances of boats and planes with no trace of evidence left behind. Could it be human error? Equipment failure? There are a lot of different things that could have happened with every disappearance within this dangerous area, the Bermuda Triangle. Many believe these disappearances are laws of physics, paranormal, or actions performed by aliens, but nobody knows.Octagonal clouds in the sky push the planes and aircraft down and they loose control. Water at night is the most worst for boats bc waves get bigger and bigger and can sink your boat. There are mysterious explanations of the incidents that have happened. Triangle writers have used a lot of weird ways to explain the incidents. One explanation blames it on leftover

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