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Case Study #3, Bernard Ebbers: Innovative Leader or Reckless Risk Taker, Question on Page 95 Organizational Theory and Behavior - University of the People 1. To what extent were the actions of Bernard Ebbers indicative of leadership, and to what extent did Ebbers display destructive deviant behavior? Provide examples of leadership and deviant behavior from the case. In more objectively analyzing the rise and fall of Bernard Ebbers’s business empire, we firstly need to note that majority of businesses established, fail. Secondly had Bernard Ebbers succeeded, the benefit of the success would have extended to a significant numbers of people given Ebbers generous nature and the numbers of people he employed. A strong leader in business is…show more content…
2. How did Ebbers influence his managers and employees to engage in deviant unethical behavior? How could he have used his influence and leadership style to avoid deviant behavior among subordinates? They are perhaps two traits that may have driven Ebbers colleagues to engage in deviant unethical behavior and that is greed and the notion that the end justifies the means. Based on the early success of Ebbers, his colleagues may have become habituated to the increase of their wealth in a short period. In such a scenario, as human beings we lose touch with reality and the expectation that the growth of income will continue becomes a norm. It is also likely that Ebbers may through his success, have encouraged the culture of taking risks and overtrading which would have then resulted in his colleagues being in a similar personal situations whereby they may have over leveraged themselves based on the anticipated success of their organization. Thus, we can assume that manipulating financial data would have become a collective effort and not one purely driven by Ebbers. If Ebbers made his principles firm throughout his journey, his risks would likely have been better managed and his efforts more sustainable. 3. Identify some theoretical linkages between Ebbers’s leadership style as practice and the behavior that occurred within WorldCom. Ebbers aimed for greater prospects via the acquisition of companies that were beyond his

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