Bernard Ebbers Code Of Ethics

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Ebbers’s WorldCom
Ethics are the principles and values an individual uses to govern his activities and decisions. In an organization, a code of Ethics is a set of principles that guides the organization in its programs, policies and decisions for the business. The ethical philosophy that is used by an organization to conduct business can affect the reputation, productivity and bottom line of the business (1).
Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the Chief executive must set the example’ –Former Chief Justice Edward Hennessey, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (3).
1. To what extent where the actions of Bernard Ebbers indicative of leadership, and to what extent did Ebbers
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In addition, there appeared to be no entrenched ethical culture and climate at WorldCom. A strong structured environment that establishes and enforces codes of conducts and legal compliance might have discouraged Ebbers’s lieutenants from following in his footstep (2).
5. Consider the characteristics of the ethical leader in chapter 3. How does such a leader encourage ethical behavior among managers and employees, and at the same time obtain successful organizational results? Could Ebbers have used these characteristics to accomplish his goals at WorldCom?
Ethical leaders espouse moral values, altruism, civic virtue, good citizenship behavior and conscientiousness both in their personal and professional lives. They imbibe the same core values in their followers. They demonstrate moral judgement in their decision making process, influenced by the long term interest of the stake holders. Also ethical leaders hold their followers accountable for their conduct and establish a reward and vicarious learning process for ethical conducts
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