Bernard Is An Outcast? Essay

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Bernard was an outcast in the beginning of the book. He is flawed in a “flawless” world. “Well…’ said Bernard, and hesitated. No, he really couldn’t deny it. ‘Why shouldn’t I be”, this quote proves that Bernard is an outcast because he hesitated. (Huxley, 184) Living in the World State it is uncommon to hesitate. Bernard did not fit into the standards of the World State and everyone knew it. Bernard did not like to participate in orgies, group activities, and he looked different from the other citizens, “‘He is so ugly!’ said Fanny. ‘But I rather like his looks.’ ‘And then so small.’ Fanny made a grimace; smallness was so horribly and typically low-caste.” (Huxley, 41) The above quote proves that Bernard was an outcast because he looked different from the others. Bernard is just like every human being he wants to fit in with everyone else. “The Director paused; then, folding his arms, he turned impressively to Bernard. ‘Marx,’ he said, ‘can you show any reason why I should not now excite the judgment passed upon you? ‘Yes I can,’ Bernard answered in a very loud voice.” (Huxley, 127), the above quote might be hard to understand, within the story Bernard had just figured out a secret that could save him from leaving the World State, and no longer be the outcast, but be popular. This is his flaw, he wants to be popular, and yet he is an outcast. The quote below provides evidence that Bernard is an outcast, “And yet, so unique also was Bernard’s oddness, that she and
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