Bernard Lonergan's Process

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Bernard Lonergan argues that one person must practice what he believes on a daily basis in order to fully live their beliefs. I have already lived through the first step in Lonergan's process which is experience. Many of the events in my life fall under this category. The next step to his process is understanding. Part of which was covered in my chapter one and two. I understand for the most part why I have endured such formative experiences and how those events have shaped my thinking. The next step would be to critically judge whether or not this is something I believe in. Living out my life trying to be the best person that I can be has always been what I believe in. It only makes sense that my research brought me back to this belief. The…show more content…
I feel like it is my responsibility to be here for them as no one was here for me. In the new environment that I will be in, it will also be very easy to fall for the same temptations that plagued me in high school. Things like laziness and procrastination are ever so present in college as they are in high school. I will try to build on what has been an inconsistent will power. There are days when I can just get things done and then there are days when I do nothing. Finding the right people to surround myself with when I go to college is going to be very crucial. What I have come to find out about myself is that the people I hang around the most with influence every decision that I make in my life. There have been phases in my life when I would study all day, play guitar all day, play basketball all day, work all day, do nothing all day, play video games all day. All of these phases directly influenced from the group of people that I was hanging out with. Optimally I would like to be around people who have a school-first mentality, and then hang around people who live a very healthy lifestyle consisting of working out and eating right. I would like to volunteer often in college. I could give back to the community in a mutually rewarding way. When I did JJP, I felt like I was really giving back to the community at St. Vincent de…show more content…
There just isn't anyway where a transformation like that could happen as the transformation from growing up with no religion to choosing to be an atheist is a oneway street. I don't see myself going to church or following any religious practices and I'm fine with that. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by choosing to live the life that I do.

The plan I have set for myself to try to follow the teachings of Bernard Lonergan is more of a daily checklist. Everyday I will try to live out the things mentioned above. I have all the ingredients needed to create something great. The only thing left is execution. I have to commit myself to following these things. Some of my goals are more drastic than others but even if I don't reach those difficult goals fully, attempting them regularly will help to develop my positive
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