Bernice Bobs Her Hair : F Scott Fitzgerald

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“Bernice Bobs Her Hair: F Scott Fitzgerald.
This short story is about two cousins who have different personalities. Marjorie Harvey’s dull and boring cousin Bernice from Eau Claire is visiting for the whole month during the summer. None of the men are interested in talking to Bernice, due to the fact she is just so dull and boring, and Marjorie just wishes she would go home. Bernice overheard Marjorie, and Marjorie’s Mother Mrs. Harvey talking about her one evening just before bed, and discovers Marjorie’s true feeling towards her. Bernice’s feelings are quite hurt by what is said in the conversation, and has threatened to pack her bags and leave. To her surprise, Marjorie could care less if she leaves, as a matter of fact,
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I can imagine that Bernice did not feel comfortable with this crazy idea, because her hair was long and dark which made her very pretty.

The Bobbed hair style dates back to the early 1900s. This era was known as the roaring twenties. Women in the United States were changing, and developing a new sense of self-expression. Women who bobbed their hair were historically known as the “Flappers,” and to bob the hair was a bold statement and it symbolized her independence. Marjorie was certainly sure of who she was and did not want her hopeless cousin Bernice, ruining her popularity. Bernice went along with Marjorie’s plans, but was having second thoughts about cutting her long dark hair, and wondered what her mother would think of her. Her hopeless and boring ways will soon change, and the men will see her in a different light.

Bernice becomes quite the “Society Vampire.” Pg.6, after the deal she made with Marjorie, and soon the men were actually into Bernice. It’s like a light switch has been turned on, and Bernice very much so like the results. She wore better clothes, and that alone, made her more becoming to the men, Bernice also carried on conversations that were actually interesting to the men. During the dances; she finds herself being cut in on, which was a big deal during the twenties. She was even cut in on by the most adorn bachelor, G. Reece Stoddard! With all this attention, comes jealousy, Warren McIntyre has now taking a liking to
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