Bernie Madoff Apa Paper

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Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff
Shamele Jones
Strayer University

ENG 215
Professor Erica Ellsworth
August 05, 2011

Bernie Madoff was one of the most prolific Ponzi-scheme artists in history. Madoff schemes netted him millions of dollars. Mr. Madoff used his BMIS Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities a New York Limited Liability company, to commit fraud, money laundering, and perjury. This is just a few things that Mr. Bernard Madoff has done to many innocent investors, who believed in Mr. Madoff, and everything he stated. Due to Mr. Madoff’s action he has changed so many people’s lives. Some have lost everything, some committed suicide, and others just humiliated by Mr. Madoff. This paper is to tell you about Mr.
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BMIS engaged in three different operations, namely investment advisor services, market making services and proprietary trading. Bernard Madoff conducts certain investment advisory business for clients that are separate from the BMIS proprietary trading and market making activities. Bernard Madoff has been conducting a Ponzi-scheme through the investment advisor services of BMIS, and through their scheme have defrauded investors out of monies estimated to exceed $50 billion. When a senior employee was told by Madoff that there had been a request from clients for approximately $7 billion in redemption and he was struggling to obtain the liquidity necessary to meet those obligations. Madoff also told another employee on December 9, 2008 that he wanted to pay bonuses to employees of the firm. This was earlier than bonuses were paid, and also with another employee admitting that his investment advisory business was a fraud that it’s all just one big lie and that it was basically giant Ponzi scheme. Bernard Madoff also informed employees that he planned to surrender to the authorities but before he does that he had approximately $200-300 million left and planned to use that money to make payments to certain selected family and friends. Madoff would make people believe that BMIS was a legitimate enterprise engaged in the lawful brokerage and sale of investment securities, when BMI

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