Bernie Sanders : A Strong, Democratic Standpoint?

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Through a strong, democratic standpoint, Bernie Sanders has one of the strongest resolutions to immigration. Being in a family of immigrants himself, Sanders understands a lot of viewpoints from the immigrants. To solve these problems, Bernie has come up with an elaborate, six step plan. This plan covers making it easier to get a visa, making it easier to bring your family when you immigrate, and making equal and fair trade rights. This plan will be a major step towards solving the task at hand. However, there are in fact some opposing, credibility issues. Bernie’s main goal is to make it easier to attain visas, and become naturalized. Senator Sanders wants to help the immigrant’s complete citizenship and visas quickly, without giving the…show more content…
The base of this thriving economy is that we send enormous factories, and farms to other countries. America takes advantage of the low prices that other countries will work for. America fires their own strong workers, who want more money, for the cheap labor. In Guatemala, a little over 60% of the population is living under the poverty line, and the other 40% isn’t much over. Poverty is no joke and a tragic issue that Bernie will fight to develop in not only America, but Mexico, Central America, and China. In order to accomplish a change, laws need to be put in place that will create more fair-trade policies, and ways to make sure they are absolutely being implemented. The tremendous amount of immigrants coming to America are coming for two reasons, to escape poverty and escape a low quality of life. When in their own country, most of the immigrants can’t afford food every day, because something that America has done to them. This will be a major accomplishment to solve fair trade issues. An argument that goes along with fair trade issues, is the exploitation of immigrants. When immigrants come here to get a better life, the American companies that hire them, take advantage. America pays them less, and treats them unfairly. Creating a reform to keep employers from abusing their workers will help to continue a healthy flow of immigrants, and healthy working conditions. Sanders wants a safe
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