Bernie Sanders Social Media Analysis

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Throughout history the modes of communicating messages across a vast medium have changed. From flyers, to radio, to television and now to the devices we carry in our pockets. Social media has drastically changed the modes of communication. Not only has it been made easier for people to spread their messages, it has drastically changed the way politicians campaign. It is important that the message does not get skewed. This is where social media campaign staff for politicians comes into play. Bernie Sanders has been an unlikely candidate in the Democratic run for presidential nominee in 2016. He has no famous last name and no relative to have occupied the presidency, unlike his opponents. The one thing he does have on his side is social media…show more content…
He does not follow the conventions when posting, seeming to go against every rule in the book to why his posts are successful. Unlike most political social media campaigns, he is producing language and a vision. It is known that Sanders does not use keywords to make him more searchable. Laura Olin - who created current President Barack Obamas social campaign - has said that it doesn't matter what the algorithm favours. From her perspective, Sanders’ posts sound like him and therefore his supporters will find them (Maxwell, 2015). The authenticity to his social media posts has had far reaching implications that extended beyond the realms of cyber space. Sanders campaign started off slowly. His social media presence was not the hottest and people did not know who/what Sanders stood for. Comparing him to other candidates at the start of their campaigns, Sanders made no giant social media post (like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul) which reflected in his popularity on Facebook. But while the former’s media campaigns are starting to sizzle down, Sanders’ is just starting to heat up. On Facebook, as of January 22 2016, Sanders has 1,074,153 people talking about him and 2,882,478 total page likes (Facebook, 2016). By contrast Hilary Clinton only has 585,217 people talking about her and 2,275,455 likes on her official Facebook page (Facebook, 2016). Showing that even with the unconventional methods used for posting of this platform, Sanders still has a grand reach with the public. It also goes to show that Sanders is reaching for the humanity in his voters, and not shoving catch phrases and buzzwords at his
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