Bernie Sanders : The Longest Serving Independent Essay

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#11 Denisse Felix English 1A Monday/ Wednesday September 26, 2016 Bernie Sanders for President Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in the United States congressional history. Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn. He first attended Brooklyn College and transferred to the University of Chicago, graduating in 1964. While he was a student, he was active in civil rights. Bernie Sanders has also written books, such as Outsider in the White House and Bernie Sanders for President and the Communist Manifesto. He is currently a Democrat, as well as a self-described socialist. He was also a presidential candidate for the 2016 election. Bernie Sanders is a fit candidate due to his ethical lifestyle, his emotional connection with people and his political experience. Bernie Sanders’ suitable ethical lifestyles makes him an adequate presidential candidate. In the article, The Moral Vision of Bernie Sanders, Schulson states, “... Sanders has been frank about his lack of interest in formal expression of piety.” (Michael Schulson). The word piety is defined as the quality of being religious or reverent. By this statement, we can infer Bernie is capable of separating religion from state. He would not let religion affect his decision making, which is beneficial. The quote "Bernie Sanders who calls himself a 'not particularly religious ' Jew..." (Peter Weber) also explains Sanders being capable of not basing his choices on religion. Also, many
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