Bernie Sanders: What Makes A Good President?

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Bernie Sanders already has little bit of experience on being in charge. he was mayor Burlington Vermont from April 6, 1981 to April 4, 1989. so for that nine years he was a mayor. two years later he became a member of the US House of Representatives from Vermont from January 3, 1991 to January 3, 2007. so for 16 years he did this. Bernie Sanders would make a good president because he's not just looking out for the current generation but also for the future generations. Bernie Sanders cares about the well-being of everyone. although some people may believe we should have someone more like Donald trump for president why would someone want to like someone and I end up starting a war with some of the things he says he will do if he becomes president like forcing Forcing Mexico to build a border wall. It is clear that Bernie Sanders would be a good present. if our government is so worried about her safety why do they only been people from fine no file us but not from other other things that could still potentially put us in danger. If our government considers certain people to be to dangerous to be aloud on a plane why should they be…show more content…
Bernie sanders thinks that both males and females working the same job should get paid the same amount of money. “In 2014 the Unites States Bureau Statistical ( BLS) published a piece with statistical information pertaining to income across wide field of variables.” In the report, the BLS concludes that ,” in 2013, women who worked full time in wage and salary jobs had median usual weekly earnings of $706, which represented 82% of mens median weekly earnings ($806) .” Bernie has supported fixing this back in 2012 by supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act and helped the effort to bring to a vote again in 2014.” “Among his twelve point economic Agenda for America, Bernie wrote that we must provide equal pay for women workers who now make 78% of what male counter parts
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