Bernini And Borromini Essay

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Thomas Thatcher
ARCH 429
15 April 2015

Bernini and Borromini: The Two Faces of the Baroque
Rivalry pushes man to become better, to improve, to try and reach incredible levels of perfection. In art, rivalry between geniuses has often resulted in masterpiece. Indeed, it was a rivalry between two men that shaped beautiful and modern nature of seventeenth century Baroque Rome. The story of Bernini and Borromini, and their impacts on Baroque architecture, is one of the most dominant periods of time in the history of Rome.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini spent their professional lives locked in a complex rivalry that spans the duration of the seventeenth century. The profound differences between the lives and personalities of these two, reflected in work still evident in Rome today, have been a hotbed for debate and praise. Always a competition, Bernini and Borromini have produced some of the most beautiful staples in Roman architecture, sculpture and space. The stark contrast in fundamental design principle, shown most prominently in the sites of Borromini’s San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, and
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Passionate for his work, Bernini was seen as charming, and a man of his word. Amongst Rome’s most wealthy and powerful, any project he set hands on was met with satisfaction. Bernini’s skillset did not end with architecture, he was also a fantastic sculptor, painter, and playwright. His dramatic artistic value was the focal point of his work, by telling a story throughout a critical iteration of design decisions. With a style of sculpture that could breathe life into its contextual surroundings, many state that Bernini is one of the most renowned artists in the history of Rome, amongst names like Michelangelo. Bernini viewed architecture as a stage, using art, sculpture and lighting to create a spiritual experience. He used a sense of drama to aid his designs and heighten emotional

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