Bernini and Boromini

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They both began as child prodigies, working within Rome under experienced craftsmen as they honed their skills, and matured to become two of Rome’s greatest artists. However, despite their similarities and contributions to the Baroque, their styles were entirely distinct. While Borromini focused on architecture, Bernini hoped to create theatrical space where art, architecture, painting and light came together in a stimulating interplay. Bernini and Borromini were initially partners on several projects, but Bernini quickly overshadowed Borromini, and is seen by many today as the main face of Baroque style. Comparison with Borromini proves beneficial to fully understanding and appreciating Bernini’s styles. Although comparing them is difficult because of their striking differences, their work on two churches on the Via Pia, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Sant’Andrea al Quirinale illustrate the most striking and subtle differences perfectly.
Because the power of Borromini’s work lies in his understated simplicity, many consider him first when comparing the two great artists, so as not to overshadow his work with the far more ornate and elaborate pieces by Bernini. In order to understand the significance of Borromini’s works, especially his chapel, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, it is imperative to initially consider the…
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