Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus

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HYDROLOGY & HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING I LABORATORY REPORT 3 TITLE : BERNOULLI’S THEOREM APPARATUS NAME : ID. NO. : SECTION : 02 EXPERIMENT DATE : 10th December 2009 SUBMISSION DATE : 17th December 2009 GROUP NO. : 2 GROUP MEMBERS : LECTURER : LAB INSTRUCTOR : TABLE OF CONTENT Content | Page | Summary | 2 | Objective | 2 | Theory | 3 - 5 | Equipment/ description of experimental apparatus | 6 | Procedure | 6 | Data and observation | 6a | Analysis | 7,8 | Discussion | 9 | Conclusion | 10 | References, Appendix | 10 | Summary The title of this experiment is the Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus. The objective of this experiment is to determine the relationship between pressure head, velocity…show more content…
Description of Equipment Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus is to demonstrate the relation of pressure head, velocity head, and static head and compare it with Bernoulli’s Theorem. The equipment consists of : I. A Venturi tube with 28mm and 14mm inside diameter 21º inlet angle and 10º outlet angle. Exact diameters are indicated in venture body. 8 pressure tapping points along the wall of the tube for connection with the manometer. II. Water manometer 8 tubes x 500mm with top air chamber and bleeding valve to vary pressure by a hand air pump. III. Total head probe of stainless steel tube (1.9mm inside diameter) which can be moved axially along the Venturi tube. The total head tube is connecting by a hose to manometer tube no. 7 IV. A rotameter (optional) with flow rate 5 - 35 LPM. A control valve at the outlet of the Venturi tube is used to control the flow as well as raise or lower pressure (hence flow rate) in the system. V. All equipments are mounted on steel frame adjustable level screw with white Acrylic backing. VI. Stopwatch to record the time taken. Procedure Demonstration that total head is constant or small difference between 2 points if there is a small friction loss. 1. The Hydraulics
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