Bernoulli's Theorem Lab Report

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Laboratory Report Bernoulli’s Theorem
Lubna Khan, BEng Architectural Engineering

Student ID No.: H00113999
Addressed to: Dr. Mehdi Nazirinia
Date: 22/12/2012
Lab Experiment held on: 28/11/2012

Table of Contents
Summary/Abstract Page 3
1.1. Introduction Page 4
1.2. Objective Page 5
2. Theory Page 5 2.1. Theoretical Background Page 5 2.1.1. Sample Calculations: Page 8 First experiment Page 8
3. Equipment Page 10 3.1. Preparing the Apparatus Page 10 3.2. Technical Data Page 11
4. Test Procedure Page 12 4.1. Bernoulli’s Theorem Test Page 12
5. Results and
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As mentioned earlier, a Venturi meter is placed into the pipeline carrying the fluid in order to reduce the diameter of the flow. According to the Continuity Equation, the velocity of an incompressible fluid increases with a decrease in diameter and the Bernoullis Principle, velocity increases with a decrease in pressure of the fluid where the diameter is decreased. This occurrence is also known as the Venturi effect that is experimented in this laboratory session.
1.2. Objective:
The purpose of this experiment is to measure flow velocities and total pressure heads using Pitot tube, also static pressures and static pressure heads using manometers; to calculate mass flow rate and average velocities using continuity and Bernoulli equations.
2. Theory:
2.1. Theoretical background:
Bernoulli’s theorem states “The total head of the liquid flowing between two points remains constant provided there is no loss due to friction and no gain due to an application of outside work between these two points.” The total head (H) of the flowing liquid is made up of an elevation head or static head (Z), pressure head (P/γ) and velocity head (V2/2g), mutually convertible into each other’s form.
H= total head (m)
V=velocity (m/s)
P=pressure (N/m2)
Z=elevation (m) g= acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 (m/s2) γ= specific weight of fluid (N/m3)
Thus for point 1 and 2; (1)
P1γ+V122g+Z1= P2ɤ+V222g+Z2+hf,1-2
Where hf,1-2 =

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