Berta Caceres: A Political Activist

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In the United States, the right to expression is one of the ideals many citizens are proud of. To be able to share your beliefs and fight for them, is one of the founding ideas of this country. As a journalist, I fully support this concept and it is troubling to see when it is ignored in other countries around the world. The fear of jail or murder for activism is not only a horrible injustice, but goes against ideals all countries should uphold. The lack of respect for expression and activism around the world should concern all who desire a just society that respects humanity and our differences. Berta Caceres is not a well known person to most in the United States, but in Honduras, she was a hero to many. As an activist, she fought against a dam that would uproot her indigenous community. She organized blockades and peaceful protests in an effort to stop the project, which would have had deleterious effects on the environment (sdfsd). Her activism successfully kept construction…show more content…
The Harvard Kennedy School educated man was the head of the mayoral campaign in Venezuela and an activist in the opposition party. When the military started asking him questions about his signature gathering, it soon became clear there was a political issue at hand. "They proceeded to threaten to torture us if we didn't speak,” Marquez told NPR. He spent the next four months in a Venezuela prison, only released due to diplomatic pressure (sdfsd). Marquez is just one of many who have been imprisoned for peaceful activism. In his case, it was a protected right in Venezuela, but not even that was respected by the government. Marquez was lucky; his dual nationality helped him escape an unjust situation. But there are thousands of others who will spend years in prison for leading an activist
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