Bertha must be kept silent Essay

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Bertha must be kept silent

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre has been considered as a potentially subversive and revolutionary text because of its – and its author – social and political position. Jane Eyre is a young woman, orphan and low born, who fights for emancipation and liberty. She wants to lead her life independently without any external control. As a little girl, she was the incarnation of rebellion. Having been adopted by the Reed family and being treated unfairly, the prospect of a happy life was particularly little. Later on, as a pupil at Lowood she was characterized as disobedient, servant of Evil and liar, by Brocklehurst. Despite all these, Jane manages to provide herself with a lower middle class education, which enables
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When criticized that the episodes involving the madwoman were unnaturally exaggerated, Charlotte insisted they were "but too natural", though she thought she had erred in making horror not pity, predominant. But it is exactly horror that we feel when we read the passages in which Bertha is involved. She is represented in a highly hostile way by the author, she constitutes a constant threat to everybody who comes close to her. We first become aware of her existence when Jane hears a "curious, distinct, formal mirthless laugh". Then, for several weeks she often heard that thrilling laugh, and "eccentric murmurs" which constituted sounds only and not proper speech. Soon, it is presumed that the unknown source of these sounds are not made by a human at all: "This door was open; a light shone out of the room within: I heard thence a snarling, snatching sound, almost like a dog quarreling" (p.210 – 11). The representation of this miserable, beast-like creature is being brought to a climax when Bertha attacks and injures by means of biting her own brother, Mr. Mason. The reader inevitably sympathizes with Jane as she, influenced by the violent incident, experiences a delirium of ecstatic horror: "…now St. John’s long hair that moved; and anon the devilish face of Judas, that grew out of the panel and seemed gathering life and threatening a revelation of the arch-traitor – of Satan himself – in his
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