Bertha 's Influence On The Body

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Bertha Jorkins is your average fifteen-year-old girl. She likes to shop, hangout with her girlfriends, talk about boys, etc. However, the one thing that Bertha likes to do best is eat. Thus, there is just one thing about Bertha that is not-so-average, and that is her weight. At 5’1, a healthy weight for Bertha would be somewhere between 105 and 120 pounds. However, Bertha weighs a whopping 200! As is to be expected, this upsets Bertha. At school, she is often teased. People call her things like “Piggy,” “Fatty,” and “Cow.” Every time Bertha looks at her reflection in the mirror, she wants to cry. On the other hand, Bertha, along with every other woman in her family, absolutely loves to cook, bake, and, most of all, to eat. So, Bertha tries her best to have fun with her life and not dwell on the problem that she has with weight. One day, while walking along the hallway with her good friend Hannah Abbot, Bertha spots her crush, Ernie, walking along with a group of his friends. She likes him so much, that simply seeing him makes her all flustered and embarrassed and, worst of all, clumsy. She very nearly trips over her own two feet! She does not fall, but she does stumble, which causes her to blush fiercely. Gosh, Bertha. What if he saw you?! She thinks to herself. That question is answered when she hears sniggering and a boys’ voice saying “Ernie, look, the cow seems very taken with you indeed!” They had seen her staring! Tears spring up in Bertha’s eyes and she works
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