Bertie And Wooster Character Analysis

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The full name of Bertie is Bertram Wilberforce”Bertie” Wooster, the middle name Wilberforce was brought on by his father, who had won money on a horse named Wilberforce in the Grand National the day prior to Bertie’s birth and the father insisted on his son carrying the name (mentioned in Much Obliged Jeeves). Much of Bertie’s relations are shown in “Extricating Young Gussie”. In the story the family name is Mannering-Phipps, not Wooster, and the story has been excluded from most collections of Jeeves and Wooster material, even though the incidents in “Extricating Young Gussie” are referenced in later stories. It is established throughout the stories that Wooster is an orphan who inherited a large fortune upon the death of his parents,…show more content…
Bertie’s personality would change, he would have to change from being naïve and unintelligent to a lot less naïve and a bit more intelligent otherwise he would always be getting into trouble. Overall really not much would change about him, he would act a little bit differently around people, and he would almost always get into trouble. Jeeves’ own affect on the story is to captivate the reader with the intellect in his plans and to suggest things to Bertie to keep him out of trouble, Bertie’s effect on the story is to make the readers stay interested and make them laugh because of the ridiculous plans he comes up with like when he comes up with the plan for Honoria and says “He would have shoved you behind that clump of bushes over there; he would have got me to lure Honoria on to the bridge somehow; then, at the proper time, he would have told me to give the kid a hefty jab in the small of the back, so as to shoot him into the water; and then you would have dived in and hauled him out.” said Bertie (Wodehouse, 50) and then of course the irony of situations that he causes keeps readers interested also. Jeeves is as essential to the story as air and water are to a human. If Jeeves were removed Bertie would probably try and get another butler but never succeed at finding one as good forcing him to become less naïve and slightly more intelligent, if that were to happen the story would then become dull, it would lose its comedy aspect, and less people would read

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