Berwick Hospital System Essay

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Assignment: Case Study for Berwick Hospital System

Assume that you are the newly appointed Chief Continuity Manager for the Berwick Hospital System. Outlining the major risks associated with maintaining continuity of operations in the event of an environmental catastrophe, and making an outline of the basics of a continuity plan to cope such a scenario.

To: the Chief Operating Officer
Subject: Risks Associated with Environmental Catastrophe

Berwick Hospital System has identified some of the same vulnerabilities with hospitals in Louisiana that experienced Katrina and Rita catastrophes. In order to minimize the damage we might have in the event of environmental catastrophes, I summarized in this memo some potential risks of
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Also additional administrative staffs may be required for more smooth operations. Those in the external community may also be at risks and need transportation and treatment at Berwick Hospital Systems. In such events, transportation personnel, delivery personnel, and third party maintenance personnel contacts should also be listed for emergency call.

To start our continuity operation plan, we can reach out to the emergency management agency for assistance such as whether the hospital property is located in a flood plain, community’s tornado warning system, and seismic information of the area. Inside of the Berwick Hospital System, a team needs to be built specific for continuity of operation plan. Team members involved, as needed, depending upon identified functional requirements during the course of an emergency. However potential candidates must be trained with a set of procedure code so at the time of emergency event occurring, everything can be handled at the best possible manner. Potential candidate pool includes but not limited to upper management, medical specialties, maintenance, engineering, security, public information officers, community relations, information technology personnel, legal personnel, and transportation personnel (FEMA, page 9).

Several important components must be addressed for making the continuity of operation plan. These components including human capital resources, vital
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