Besieged by Climate Control Essay

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[pic] Besieged by Climate Deniers, A Scientist Decides to Fight Back (A Summary) Ora Major Unit # 1 Written Assignment LS526-02 Professor Brandy Kreisler December 12, 2012 According to reporter and climate scientist, Michael Mann, he and other scientists are being hostilely confronted and unfairly treated because of the results of their research by critics or by those who do not choose to believe or want to accept that climate change or global warming is real and is caused by the harmful effects of man-caused greenhouse emission, also known as carbon monoxide (CO2). In Mann’s article, “Besieged by Climate Deniers: A Scientist Decides to Fight Back” greenhouse gases are destroying layers of the earth’s ozone or…show more content…
Opposition, such as Joe Barton a Republican U.S. Representative from Texas, James Inhofe a Republican Senator from Oklahoma along with Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli are all a part of the opposition determined to dismantle the research of global warming or under mind the credibility of the research and scientists like Mann. In his article Mann points out the motives of each. According to Mann, Joe Barton is one of the biggest receivers of fossil fuel funding in the House of Representatives. In his efforts to discredit the work of the supporters of global warming, Barton sent Mann and his colleagues letters demanding that they expose their professional and personal lives to scrutiny through an investigation committee involving Barton. Additionally, Joe Barton hired a statistician from George Mason University to disprove their research which was validated by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). James Inhofe, Barton’s ally, in synchrony, went even further to dispute their research or claims. According to Mann, Inhofe deliberately issued false claims or reports disputing their work or research. Inhofe went so far as to publish a book trying to dispel their research and the theories of global warming. In his book Inhofe tries to convenience readers that there is a conspiracy taking place amongst scientist like Mann behind and their global warming and climate
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