Bessie Smith : An American Jazz Musician Essay

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Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith is an American Jazz musician in the genre of blues. She was born on the date of 15th April 1894. She is known to well for her dominance in the blues genre music in the span of around 1920s and 1930s. Bessie attributes her success, by working continuously with Louis Armstrong. Research indicates that Louis was a key inspiration when it comes to the perfection of jazz vocals. In her time, Bessie Smith proudly boasts as one of the best Blues musicians both in the US and the world as a whole. However, her life was cut short in 1937 on September 26th, in a fatal car accident. Regarding the above-mentioned information, this paper discusses more the life of Bessie Smith, collectively with the dominance in the Blue Music (Scott, 2008).
What is Jazz type of music? It is a kind of music category that cherishes its origin in the New Orleans, and basically from the African American people. Its styles include a traditional type of autonomous music. It often uses polyrhythms, swing note, and syncopation improvisations. Blues music on the hand is known to have its roots also in the Deep South, with a high dominance of the African American musicians. It is a type of music that incorporates chants, shouts, spirituals and relatively field hollers (Kay, 2007). The above information as mentioned above assists the reader to know an in-depth analysis of the type of music of Bessie Smith.
Bessie Smith’s birthplace is around Chattanooga in the Tennessee Valley. Her music

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