Best Administrative Practices Involving Liability

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Best Administrative Practices Involving Liability Become familiar with the school’s emergency/health procedures in order to improve teachers’ responses to student injury. To avoid liability teachers must employ a standard of care with is equivalent to that of a “reasonable and prudent person” (LaMorte, 2012, p.327). LaMorte (2012), further indicated that this standard will be influenced by the “age of student, mental capacity, environment and circumstance of injury” (p.327). For instance, you would not leave a kindergarten class unattended with scissors. Despite teacher’s best efforts accidents may still occur, therefore, it is increasingly important to have clear and practical emergency procedures. It can be beneficial to create a school-wide emergency response team to insure that the student’s injuries are minimized in an event of bodily injury. Finally, teachers should be trained on the appropriate technologies in order to accurately report classroom incidents. Clearly communicate the expected time of school arrival and departure to parents as an effort to maintain a reasonable degree of student supervision. LaMorte indicated that schools are placed under “a general duty to supervise the conduct of children on school grounds during school sessions, school activities, recess and lunch periods” (LaMorte, 2012, p.330). Student arrival by bus can be considered the beginning of the school day, therefore, teachers or support staff must be present at that time. Although in
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