Best Ass Short Story

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Best ass.
By now the most of the grade had probably seen it. Including you.
As I stand outside, looking at my phone you walk towards me so fast it’s almost a jog. You brush my shoulder with your hand gently getting my attention.
“We need to talk,” you say quietly with an eager face, **looking around as if scared to be seen with me. You walk away fast, **looking down at your feet slapping the ground.
*You don’t tell me where to meet you. But I know where you want to meet.*
I **push* open the door to Monet's, letting a gust of warm air fly by. The smell of coffee beans and sugar fill my nose. I don’t bother looking around. My eyes instinctively go to our old spot, where you are. You stare **at the table without blinking as I walk up the few
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