Best Buy Case Study

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|Best Buy Co., Inc. [pic] |
|Strategic Audit |
|August 2012
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In 1983 Best Buy name has been changed to Best Buy Co. Inc. (Best Buy). Shortly thereafter, Best Buy began operating its existing stores under a “superstore” concept by expanding product offerings and using mass marketing techniques to promote those products.

Since 1989 the company altered the function of sales staff structure (policy) dramatically to be transformed from commission basis oriented to be educators and customer assist oriented. Simply sales mission was to generate sales but now changed to answer customer’s question to help for decide which product fit for their needs.

In 2000 the company step up to Market space by launched: (online retail store), which is very important for BB’s customers thus expanding among them to access to store easily without physical visit.

I. Current Situation:

A. Current performance
Volatility of financial position, declining in company’s income compared with last fiscal year, increasing debts as well as operating costs

▪ Facing increased fears competition ▪ Raising in operational costs and increasing in debt & reducing liquidity of cash. ▪ Adverse economic climate and financial stress (declining in net income)

B. Strategic Posture

Mission ▪ To make technology deliver on its promises to customer ▪ Keeping customers centered in technological changes “To
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