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The role of Human Resources at Best Buy
Human resources (HR) professionals have an awkward position in corporations. Other departments worry about their objectives and strategies, whereas the HR department must apply their targets and strategy to the overall business’s goals to produce results. Regardless what other departments engage in, HR’s visibility, impact, and value in companies such as Best Buy is crucial to stay in existence.
Best Buy
Best Buy was assimilated in 1966 in Minnesota (“Best Buy,” 2016). The company is a leading provider of products, services, and solutions in technology (“Best Buy,” 2016). In addition to technological goods and services, Best Buy has agents known as the Geek Squad to assist customers with questions in
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The “results-only work environment” program aids in human capital in areas such as recruitment, mentorship, coaching, performance reviews, education, and careers (Smith, & Cantrell, 2011, p. 6). Employees such as Jennifer Janssen in the finance department participates in “results-only work environment (ROWE)” that gives her the opportunity to complete daily work and meet deadlines without being tied to the office (Thottam, 2005, p.…show more content…
Ressler was the person who developed ROWE to change the traditional work schedule in the corporate headquarters and some retail store locations because of what she has seen in the workplace (Thottam, 2005). In the hope that HR can retain the enterprise’s human capital, they add value to the business by reinventing the work-life balance program by redesigning work schedules to fit employees’ lives and not lives to meet a timetable.
Human Resources adding value at Best Buy Many businesses and subordinates view HR just as an administrative function for firms to hire and assist in selecting benefits. However, at Best Buy, HR adds value in restructuring work schedules to be flexible but still develop results in the workplace through ROWE (Thottam, 2005). Today’s workforce is looking for employers that are open-minded about demands of family time, personal time, and long working hours. Here at Best Buy, HR’s focus on employees contributes to the organization’s success to maintain competitiveness because ROWE, which promotes motivation and one workforce (Smith, & Cantrell, 2011).
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