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Executive Summary
Best Buy Company, Inc. is the multinational retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. Together with its subsidiaries, which include Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales and Future Shop, the company has approximately 4,000 stores located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Turkey.
Best Buy considers their value added approach to customer service, by creating positive experiences during the initial purchase and afterward, to be the contributor that allows the company to stand out from its competitors. By investing in sales staff training, employees have a clear understanding of the products they sell, and are better equipped to provide consistent and guaranteed quality
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This allows Best Buy to capture new market growth through innovation.
Core Values/Guiding Principles

Best Buy approaches the consumer electronics industry by educating their customers with a highly trained sales force. Educating customers with product features allows for informed buying decisions from a diverse product range. This is referred to as the customer centricity model, and is illustrated in Appendix IV. The company also provides installation service, product repair and on-going customer support that contribute towards the core value of end-to-end customer solutions.

Valuable experience was gained through the successful acquisition of companies and employees. Acquisition gave Best Buy the ability to determine where expansion should take place, and was the key in distinguishing itself from its competition in the consumer electronic market. The knowledge base of high calibre employees was recognized as another core value in the company’s strategy and success. Best Buy’s global presence provided awareness of any global trends, and access into developing markets to foresee customer needs.

Best Buy values a well-trained employee base in order to provide customers with a superior customer experience. This is an exclusive resource in the consumer electronics industry since technology is frequently changing, making this the foundation of their competitive advantage.

Stakeholder Analysis

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