Best Buy Strategy

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1) Following are the key features of various elements of Best Buy’s Big-box retail model:
Pricing(1): Recently in 2013, Best Buy claims to have “Everyday Low Pricing” and “Price matching” strategy to get consumers to shop during non-promotional events.
Merchandising/Assortment: Focused on Consumer electronics, home office equipment, entertainment software, and appliances. No longer follows one-size-fits-all approach. Giving up the idea that Best Buy stores had to have similar product mixes and layouts. Each store would carry products for all the segments but focus on one or two of the demographic groups.
Store Location & Count(2): 1,150 stores in United States, Canada, Europe, and China.
Distribution: The nimbler network put
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A long tail strategy for Best Buy would involve offering a great variety of products through its online store, even if those products are only attractive to a small percentage of the population.
Drivers: On the supply side, IT would allow Best Buy to have nearly unlimited shelf space through its store online. Rather than keeping inventories, Best Buy would have agreements with certain suppliers to deliver the niche products directly to

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