Best Foods Case Analysis Essay

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Best Food Case Analysis Best Foods Company is a multinational worldwide food company whose vision is “To be the Best International Food Company in the World.” (p.713) Best Foods set out to make some serious strides in diversifying their organization. However, there were three key diversity challenges facing them. First is that the company has very few women who have been on the career path that leads them to executive level position. This unfortunately was due to past practices. Best Foods top 150 senior managers were mostly made up of older males predominately white. At the time that Best Foods sought to change there was only one women and she was a general manager. With the lack of skill level and job experience one of the first…show more content…
He again takes the opportunity to reinforce the role that diversity has to the company strategy. Next the Corporate Strategy Council (CSC) approves Brody’s plan for a Women Global Leadership Forum. Through the attendee identification process, it gave division presidents the opportunity to truly see the female talent within their teams. Although some of the reactions were negative, this just provided a deeper look into the male employees attitudes toward women. After the attendees were identified Brody issued a survey not only to the attendees but to their corporate and senior officers. This information served as a motivational tool for the World Team meeting. This also gave the CEO positioning to mandate specific diversity measures be added to all division scorecards. Lastly the Women Global Leadership Forum was held. This forum was a huge success that gave the company valuable information they need as they proceeded to the next step. Brody’s idea to the forum was a great one. It made senior leadership stop and take a look at their female managers. They had to rank and evaluate each one of them. It was able to create awareness and showed them what the females had to offer to Best Foods. Since women from all over the globe were in attendance, this created a cultural awareness amongst the women. The managers from the US recognized the need to let the other managers from other countries present to the
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