Best Friends : My Best Friend

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Best friends are the people that will never lie to you, always be there for you, and never leave your side, or so they say. Jose was one of the best best friends I've ever had, he was there for me every time I was upset and was always there to make me laugh and smile. Everything was perfectly fine but then it began to go downhill on the first day of school. “You’ll always be my best friend,” he said, but he lied. “I’ll always be here for you,” they said, until they left. People will always leave even though they promised a hundred times that they won’t, they always will and I had to learn that the hard way.

It all started when he first came to River Forest, he was put into my second hour and was sat behind me, at first we didn’t talk at all and then he started with the seat kicking and taking my stuff. We started talking on snapchat and we talked about everyday and we started getting in trouble for talking and messing around. Around this time I was having some issues with my friend Jorge and I mad at him and I knew he didn’t like Jose so I told him that Jose was my new bestfriend.

Jose and I started to become closer and he started calling me his best friend and he became mine. Second hour was always my favorite part of the day because I got to sit and mess around with my best friend all hour. There was one day that the teacher left my room so he took my paper and wrote stuff on it and when I tried to erase it he took my pencil and threw it behind the teacher's desk so I
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