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Although it may sound selfish to some, I personally am more interested in living my life to my full potential and helping others than I am saving souls.

As a Christian, I don't want to see anyone condemned, but I've learned that setting a good example for others helps them far more than trying to convince them with your words. I also know that there are so many hurting people in the world. I want to help them stop hurting. What better way than showing them how Christ has changed my life?

The lesson that few pastors seem to want to teach Christians is thate God created humans for abundant living. We weren't created to live in misery and lack. Besides, you can't help others if you don't have anything to give. Abundance is also far more than just money; it's also about relationships and living up to our potential.

In this book, "Your Best Life
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Live to give!

7. Choose to be happy

Although many churches have spent a lot of time talking about hell and sin, they're teaching the wrong message. Once you're saved, you're saved. Hell isn't a consideration. It's time to take the next step: to live a life that is victorious and gives God the glory.

Joel Osteen understands that. He offers principles in this book that shows you how to do that, and he includes the scripture to back it up. Although Osteen has been criticized for being a "shallow Christian" because of what he teaches, what he teaches is biblical, and it's also practical.

This is way far beyond the idea that some pastors have proposed about Osteen: that he teaches the "I'm nice, you're nice, God's nice" christianity. Osteen doesn't say that, and he doesn't teach it. He teaches that as Christians we are accountable, and we can deny ourselves everything God wants us to have if we don't believe we deserve it.

If you are looking for joy, peace, happiness, and a life that God rewards and approves, then you need to read this book. Don't just read it though; follow it, study it, and apply what you have
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