Best Mom Around

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My Mother did not just help me through challenges; but taught me to be a better person. Rachel, my older sister, and I decided to take my Mom to a restaurant called Bj’s for her birthday. The restaurant was located out in Los Angeles off the usual busy street. However this birthday will be one of the worst family birthdays I have ever been to. Disappearing to the restroom, emerging into a fight between her and my sister, and ended in rage towards her. The time getting to our destination went well with nice greetings and catching up with recent events. However, these good starts are usual with my Mom, only because her past does not get the best of her. My Mom has a horrible way of dealing with the past in the present. She simply drinks her feelings away. So it was just a matter of time when she would have herself a drink and get drunk; however, we never thought she would screw up on her birthday. She knows that the entire family hates it when she drinks because she cannot control herself mentally and physically. My Mom tells us, “I am going to the bathroom now, I will be right back.” The rest of us talked at the nice dark oak table with some sort of dark brown leather booths. Also had a pleasant yellow candle that ended up to be a fake battery powered one. As she returns from the bathroom, walking down a nice scruffy black and brown designed carpet, we noticed something was off right away. Quickly realizing she came back from having a drink, but my sister and I ignored

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