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Best of Breed Versus Erp Systems ASSIGNMENT 1 BEST OF BREED versus ERP SYSTEMS (BCO6603) PRESENTED BY JOHN SMITH Student ID: 1234567 Victoria University Assignment 1: Management Report Introduction Making decision of what to select between “best of breed” and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are never easy. There are many controversy or chaos issues surrounds this thought and debate. Which one is better? What factors need to be considered? This paper will address the difference between “best of breed” and ERP System that needs to be considered, such as the definition, advantages and disadvantages each of them. “Best Of Breed” System “Best of Breed” is a collection of different applications from different vendors that used…show more content…
It will lead the company to have better planning, tracking and forecasting for the business. Y2K issue is the potential for serious problems to occur in legacy systems. 1234567 John Smith 3 Assignment 1: Management Report Advantages Koch (2005) and Montgomery (2003) state advantages of using the ERP are; Improvement in the time taken to process the data as each department have same standard and can access to the data easily. Communication between each department will be improved as well. More flexibility in the system as it comes from one vendor and the software has been developed to be applicable for all departments in a company. Easier to predict the costs of buying ERP systems as it only comes from one vendor. Having integrated applications solutions with no complex interfaces. All of the data is stored in one central database. Disadvantages Koch (2005) and MacLeod (2002) state disadvantages of using the ERP are; ERP systems are historically big, complex and expensive. Thus, it may take many years to learn and understand about the applications. Difficulty in managing people such as having trained staff to understand process and system implementation better. Lengthy implementation periods because of the complex of the system. Creates internal conflict within organisations, between departments has different needs and requirement. This problem can instead bring the business performances down. Upgrading the system can create a new problem, as it cannot be done
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