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1. Best Post (1 point) This article is relevant because it talks about how Hollywood films are changing as studios begin to make films that don’t just target the US audience, but also the international audience, specifically from countries with emerging markets. According to the article, studio executives will only approve a movie if there are potential overseas ticket sales. Hollywood would go out of its way to appeal and to not offend global markets. For example, for the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 Disney/Marvel actually created a subplot that involves Chinese characters in order to connect with the Chinese audience. Because Hollywood films are focusing on appealing to the audience across the globe, the storytelling of recent movies…show more content…
2. Best Post Analysis (2 points) I feel that post is my best post because I think I did a good job in picking an interesting article and explaining how the article I picked is relevant and relatable to Week 7’s topic/lecture about US film industry, particularly Contemporary Hollywood. Although some of the stuff the article points out are quite obvious, as part of the target audience of the film industry, we (I) do not usually pay much attention to the smaller subtle things. For example, how the supporting cast is becoming more and more diverse or how as the storylines of blockbuster films are becoming less sophisticated, appealing to such a diverse audience as the global audience is actually very challenging. Aside from grammar, I feel like I need to expand more about how and why I think the article is relevant to the topic of the week. Because I did not want my post to be too long, I omitted some interesting points I found in the article. I plan to add them in my revision post because they reinforce the fact Contemporary Hollywood is transforming into Global Hollywood. 3. Rewritten Best Posting (4 points) This article is relevant to this week 's topic because it reinforces and highlights the important fact that Hollywood is no longer an American or Western exclusive industry. In fact, the Hollywood of today is practically Global Hollywood.
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