Best Practice Methods Of Preparing Teachers For The Classroom

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Best practice methods of preparing teachers for the classroom were addressed in an article by Cochran-Smith, et al. (2011). This study reviewed research on how to best prepare teachers for the classroom. 6 different genres were reviewed. Qualitative studies were conducted to help understand policy and practice for the best ways to train teachers. The genres that were tested were teacher certification, educational background, entry pathways, teacher preparation, age of beginning teaching, and life history. Studies consistently found that university bases preparation helped pre service teachers. The research showed that there was evidence that teacher characteristics and school workplace conditions affect teacher retention. According to the article, further research is needed to understand more about teaching practice and retention. They recommended using more federal funds and grants to research best preparation practices more.
Teacher burnout was address in article by Brunsting, et al. (2014). This review study reflected on teacher burnout in special education teachers and the causes. They noted that factors such as depersonalization, lack of accomplishment, and emotional exhaustion are known causes for teacher burnout and sought to review literature to support this view. A systematic search was conducted, which included a multiple gated process such as ancestral searches and electronic and hand searches. A study that included a quantitative measure of burnout was also
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