Best Practice Models of HRM & Strategy

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Best Practice Models of HRM & Strategy

A Coursework
(Human Resource Management)

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Task: Hypothesis Statement:
Best Practice Models of HRM and Strategy are universalistic in nature and assert that regardless of context or internal factors, there is one best way of managing human resources which, if applied, will lead to better organizational performance.

Literature Review
Traditional practice of human resource
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Another concern is, if conflict arises, how it can be reconciled so that they can compliment each other for organizational smooth operations. HRM and IR have different objectives and in situation of conflicts, we have to know both disciplines. In a journal article by International Labor Organization written by S.R. de Silva, analyze that it would be not a realistic for unions to expect management to reduce their resort to effective HRM. He also concludes that Asian emphasis is reflected that program on HRM are far likely to attract management participation than IR and the same way IR programs attract trade unions. The main challenge to unions comes from management exercises to protect employee commitment. HRM has been seen more to have a strategic role as a way of achieving management goals (SILVA, S.R. de).
HR best practice is the practice in HRM where several aspects of human resources are integrated for better organizational output and performance. This is based on an assumption that human resources are competitive advantages tool for an organization because they are rare and impossible to imitate and very difficult to substitute the absolute theme of human resources assets and culture of an organization.
One of the definition of HRM best practices is "the idea that a particular bundle of HR practices has the potential to contribute to improved attitudes and
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