Best Practice Paper : Data Modeling

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Ramya Jain
Best Practice Paper : Data Modelling
Date – 10/14/2015

A data model is a conceptual representation of the data structures that are required by a database [Mamčenko, J. (n.d.)]. The data structures gives the information about data objects, associations between data objects, and the rules which administer actions on the objects. A data model serves as a bridge between the concepts of the real world and how the data is physically organized in the actual database. Data modelling has been ongoing for many years but still businesses struggle to extract the value from their data and thus, create well designed, intuitive models [Data Modeling Best Practices. (n.d.).]. With businesses considering for innovative ways
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There is no excuse for not constructing at least a summary data model.”
In the paper “Best practices in system dynamics modeling” by Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano and George P. Richardson a comprehensive research of the best practices are presented. The paper mentions what is believed to be the best way to undertake database modelling. What core activities should be undertaken during different phases of modelling? What are the most significant practices to be trailed throughout various phases of modelling practice?

Department of Health and Human Services presents data modelling best practices in their practice guides “Enterprise performance life cycle framework” for logical and physical data modelling. In this paper, author mainly talks about gathering requirements and creating a logical model are the key to a good physical design. The author mentions about creating the logical model first and then transform into physical model. A revision should also be made in the logical and physical data model as business needs change. It described various best practices like proper communication, conducting requirement gathering and analysis, review and approve, iterative process and change management.
Suggested Data Modelling Best Practice
As mentioned by Ignacio and George (2013), there is no explicit text for best practices for data modelling. Even though a lot of books have written about practices to be followed for data
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