Best Practice Paper : Data Modeling

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Ramya Jain
Best Practice Paper : Data Modelling
Date – 10/14/2015

A data model is a conceptual representation of the data structures that are required by a database [Mamčenko, J. (n.d.)]. The data structures gives the information about data objects, associations between data objects, and the rules which administer actions on the objects. A data model serves as a bridge between the concepts of the real world and how the data is physically organized in the actual database. Data modelling has been ongoing for many years but still businesses struggle to extract the value from their data and thus, create well designed, intuitive models [Data Modeling Best Practices. (n.d.).]. With businesses considering for innovative ways to utilize data to gain economical advantage, designing database is now more imperative than ever. When designing a data model, it is imperative to follow best practices to help business make the data driven decisions with confidence. Best practices helps us create data models more confidently.
“Applications come and go, but data is forever,” quoted Justin Cave, lead database consultant at Distributed Database Consulting, noting that programmers usually design databases to cater current needs only without considering the future data expansion. Taking shortcuts in present will make it difficult to add new functionality in future. Michael Blaha, a partner at Modelsoft Consulting and author of seven books including "Object-Oriented Modeling…

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