Best Practice : Teaching : Family Model

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Best Practice: Teaching – Family Model
University of Arkansas
Stephanie Clark

Methodist Family Health Counseling Clinic is an organization that provides healthcare services focused on various emotional and behavioral challenges individuals and families can face. Methodist provides many different services all over Arkansas that range from inpatient to school-base services. They also have eight Therapeutic Group Homes that provide a family-like setting while children are able to receive other needed services for emotional and behavioral needs. “Children are referred to Group Home care by the state Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), churches, parents and other Methodist Family Health programs. The length of stays are generally 9-12 months or longer.” (Resources, 2016). Only 6-8 youths are in the house at a time. They live in the home and attend public school while living there.
The populations that Methodist serves is different depending on which service you are considering. In their school-base program the therapist and caseworker work with a very rural population; however, the rest of the services provided are in more urban areas of the state. These services are normally sought out either by parents, teachers or from DCFS.
The school-base program in Lincoln is the only school-base program Methodist offers and it serves a population that is in high need of services. There are actually three mental healthcare providers at the school district
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