Best Practices : Environmental Friendly Commercial Buildings

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Best Practice: Environmental Friendly Commercial Buildings We don 't go a day without hearing a major topic in the news; it is clement change, that effects everyone in todays word. In the last century, earth increasing became warmer at an alarming rate. It is know as global warming or clement change. Commercial building are everywhere, they are the local grocery store, a big Best Buy store, Costco, or a 10-story office building. These building are large, with so many commercial buildings in the United States, they are consuming vital resources and are having dramatic effects on the climate. There are many practices a commercial business can do to become more environmental friendly: alternate and clean energy, conserve water, alternate lighting, offering rideshare programs and other, environmentally friendly ways to reduce the impact on the Earth. Commercial buildings should adopt the best practices of becoming more environmental friendly and reducing their contributions to clement change. Everywhere in the United States you will see commercial buildings. According to United States Energy Information Administrations there are “5.6 million commercial building are in the United States in 2012”( Becoming more environmental friendly can open many opportunities with new customers, awards, and effectively reducing their impact on the environment. Solar energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact. Solar panels produce energy by taking
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