Best Practices To Foster Innovation In Nursing Education

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Distance education can provide increased flexibility, access and cost- effectiveness in nursing education. As a result, e- learning is increasingly viewed as an economical way of expanding educational activities, broadening opportunities for students in all sectors of the nation, with the use of these new technologies, students could meet real-world demands. In order to give proper guidance educators needs to meet the requirement of achieving technique competencies as well. nursing faculty members, it is essential to consider the three roles as collaborator, director of learning and expected to be a role model. to foster innovation in nursing education more collaboration among educators are encouraged. There are certain principles for best practices distance education programs is still relevant for successful quality education.…show more content…
Are some principles educators needs to be familiar with and should follow. In general, distance educators are expected to have certain competencies which portray the dual importance of both communication and technical skills. These competencies are: Interpersonal Communication, Planning Skills, Collaboration/Teamwork Skills, language Proficiency, Writing Skills, Organizational Skills, Feedback Skills, Knowledge of Distance Education Field, Basic Technology Knowledge, and Technology Access Knowledge. This competency model will be useful in serving as a research foundation for development training and certification programs for distance education professionals. In addition, these competencies, content knowledge and understanding of educational principles will enable the distance educator to meet the criteria for as a successful distance
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