Best Practices in Knowledge Management at Hewlett-Packard

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Best Practices in Knowledge Management at Hewlett-Packard Introduction Hewlett-Packard Corporation (NYSE:HPQ) is one of the global leaders in the development of innovative technologies used in imaging. printing, personal computers, servers, tablet and laptops globally. Like many high tech manufacturers the company has been able to streamline their supply chain, production, fulfillment, sales and service strategies through the effective use of information and knowledge management. Information management within HP encompasses their entire suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Production Management (PM and Inventory Control systems in conjunction with over 200 different pricing systems the company uses to effective manage is supply chains and production operations to profitability (Laval, Feyhl, Kakouros, 2005). As HP is a manufacturer of enterprise-level servers, PCs and networking products, their knowledge of how to align enterprise software and system to strategic objectives is a core competency. Information management and its alignment to strategic objectives and initiatives is one of the most important value-added services HP provides to its Fortune 1,000 clients as well (Laval, Feyhl, Kakouros, 2005). To do that Information Management at HP, or the orchestration of systems, servers, software and many other ancillary technologies and components to assist customers in the achievement of their objectives, is also a core
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